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Magogo: A new dawn – It is live television time for Ugandan sports

FUFA President Hon. Eng. Moses Magogo

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) is reportedly in advanced stages of launching the FUFA TV that will primarily broadcast live Ugandan Sport.

FUFA President Hon. Eng. Moses Magogo confirmed the development and in the missive below, he talks about the subject that’s a great game changer for sports in this day and age. He writes;

It is therefore a great opportunity for creating a professional sports industry that will employ many youths and also generate resources for the Uganda sports spectrum.

Our objective is to grow TV audiences for Ugandan Sports which will create more commercial value of various sports brands.

There is also potential for broadcast revenues which are the proven biggest sources of funding for professional sports.

The following are the Television Revenues elsewhere;

1. FIFA generated 4.6bn USD from the 2018 FIFA World Cup
2. UEFA generated 334m USD from the EUROs 2016
3. CAF generated 20.1m USD from the AFCON 2019
4. UEFA Generates about 3bn USD from the UEFA Champions League annually
5. CAF generates about 12.5m USD from the CAF Champions League annually
6. Tanzania FA Generates 6.5m USD from the Tanzanian Premier League annually
7. FUFA Generates 0.6m USD from the Uganda Premier League.

With the arrival of WBS TV, the Uganda Music industry, that was occupied by the “kadongo kamu”, has since exponentially grown replacing foreign and particularly Congolese music.

The audiences grew from those attending shows to all villages, urban and the diaspora. The Ugandan middle class finally embraced Ugandan Music. Brands and stars were created and so were the jobs and the tax base.

Television content is created by activity, production and then airing. With the renaissance of the Ugandan music industry, many talents have been unearthed like singers, writers, producers, promoters, journalists etc. Many production houses have been created. Albeit, they still have the challenge that they cannot earn from TV but their brands have been built by TV to be able to earn from the shows (attendance).

The Music industry has succeeded with Ugandan Music content for the Ugandan market. Our vision is Ugandan Sports content for the Ugandan Market.

Unlike music, Live Sports Production is expensive. The local TVs have not been willing to invest in production and airing of live sports events because it was not making instant business sense. We ended up with video clips and news.

As FUFA, we have decided to take the bull by the horns, our vision is to create live sports action on TV for the local audience.

As we speak, the industry has built capacity to undertake live sports production and currently 2 Live Sports Production houses are able to produce live sports events.

It would even be better if we got 10 or more live production houses.

Elsewhere, every club in the English Premier League is a production house and it is a minimum club licensing requirement.

In 2008 GTV was paying 20,000 USD per game to a South African Company to carry persons and equipment from South Africa every selected TV match.

Both SuperSport and Azam, have imported production personnel and equipment to produce the Ugandan League. Now, with the local production capacity, this has served as import substitution, affordable and providing more employment opportunities.

Despite the growth of the production capacity, airing live sports events has not been found lucrative by the various existing television houses.

The arrival of the FUFA TV will add to what is already existing by Sanyuka, UBC and the other channels that are airing Live Ugandan Sport.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Advertisers will have no excuse but to embrace financing Ugandan Sports.

Pay TVs will have no option but to buy rights and Ugandans will now consume Live Ugandan Sports right from their households, smartphones, work places and offices by paying nominal fees, not moving distances and spending time. Players and coaches will be handsomely paid and on time and investors in club football will start to get return on investment.

Jobs are going to be created for Cameramen, Commentators, Analysts, club staff and Service providers. The Taxman will be happy too.

Our next duty as sports is to create quality athletes and competitions that are organised in good facilities. We should be able to understand the industry and make the right commercial decisions.
Let us not commit until we are sure as there is a major industry shift that is coming soon.

The Author is:
Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim

President-Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA)

Member of Parliament-Budiope East

Chairman ICT Committee of the Parliament of Uganda


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