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Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon to help promote tourism in Kasese

Marathon organizers Robert Kabushenga (right) and Amos Wekesa (left) pose for a photo moment with Tusker Lite Brand Manager Elizabeth Mutamuliza after the launch.

The organizers of the inaugural edition of the Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon say that the main objective of the event is to help promote tourism in Kasese District and its surrounding areas. Others include; to promote healthy lifestyles and shining a light on climate change.

The event that was launched on Monday at Margherita Hotel in Kasese is scheduled for 3rd September, 2022 and will start and end at the aptly named Kasese Marathon Grounds.

Marathon organizer, Robert Kabushenga from Equator Hikers says that about 2,000 people from across the East African region and beyond are expected to grace the event, a huge boost for the tourism and business sector in the area.

“This event will enable participants to explore the area and boost local tourism. Some people will run and later climb Mountain Rwenzori or visit other tourism sites in the area and explore the beauty and wonders of the area,” Kabushenga said adding that the marathon routes have already been mapped out.

Marathon organizer, Robert Kabushenga from Equator Hikers speaks to the media.

Prior to the marathon launch, Robert Kabushenga and another organizers Amos Wekesa plus 12 other travel enthusiasts summited Mt. Rwenzori’s Margherita Peak to place the marathon banner and draw world attention to the event.

Kabushenga believes that most runners will hike the mountain up to its peak just like they did while others may opt to visit other tourism sites within the area or its surrounding.

Tusker Lite is the marathon’s title sponsor and Elizabeth Mutamuliza who’s the Tusker Lite Brand Manager said that they’re happy to be part of this initiative which is more than a just marathon.

“As Tusker Lite we don’t just sell beer, we also transform lives. Participants should expect massive enjoyment and fan,” Mutamuliza noted adding that they’ll be partnering with the event for a long time.

Tusker Lite Brand Manager, Elizabeth Mutamuliza.

For Wekesa, he has urged locals to capitalize on the event for the benefit of their businesses including areas like accommodation, bars and restaurants, tourism agencies and other service providers.

“Tourism is a huge boost for the economy if well tapped. People in Kasese can use tourism to elevate their economic standards,” Wekesa said adding that hiking Mt. Rwenzori was a great experience.

Local leaders and security heads in the area were also available at the launch and assured both locals and traveling participants of safety throughout the marathon.

Tournament organizers, sponsor representatives and local leaders pose for a group photo after the marathon launch.

The Tusker Lite Mt. Rwenzori Marathon will consist of a 42km full marathon, a 21km half marathon and 5km fun run.

There are lots of activities organisers have lined up for people who would like to be part of the event, but won’t be running. There will be hikes, bird watching, boat rides on the Kazinga channel and a concert to crown the event.


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