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Charity Cup to offer underprivileged children in Uganda an opportunity to pursue their dreams

L-R: Faizal Basheer (CEO, TUSCANI TAPWARE), Mahmoud Gomda (CEO, MAFRO SPORTS) and Farehan Hussein (Founder, QurbanNow SG)

Six local companies in Singapore led by local charity organisation, QurbanNow SG will be organising a youth football carnival in the district of Mbale, Uganda, on 9th July 2022.

As part of the yearly Qurban outreach, Mbale will also witness the inaugural Charity Cup 2022 that will features children aged 11-15 years old participating in this football tournament that will be graced by Ibrahim Juma, player of Uganda Premier League side KCCA FC.

This football tournament aims to find gems among young promising footballers from this province to eventually earn a contract with KCCA FC or other clubs

The event, in conjunction with the annual Qurban project by QurbanNow SG, will also promote social development and inspire and engage youth through sports.

QurbanNow SG is one of the first few organisations in Singapore to offer the annual Qurban services in Uganda.

For the last two years, QurbanNoW SG has provided food aid relief through its Qurban project benefitting more than 800 families in Uganda.

This year, their humanitarian efforts extend to bringing cheer and joy to underprivileged youth and orphans through a football carnival.

The project is supported by Gynacarlogist, Mafro Sports, Spa Jelita, Shenship and Tuscani Tapware.

Commenting on this inaugural event, founder of QurbanNOWSG, and former National Singapore Football Team Manager, Mr. Farehan Hussein said, “Our children in this part of the world are privileged and have the opportunity to enjoy sports and experience the benefits of a real tournament. The football carnival in Mbale will offer that real experience and promote the spirit of sports among youth, especially orphans in underprivileged countries who have never left their village and experienced a real football tournament. On a bigger purpose, we want to instill in our youth the values and life lessons sports can bring and inspire them to fulfill their dreams.”

L-R: Faizal Basheer (CEO, TUSCANI TAPWARE), Mahmoud Gomda (CEO, MAFRO SPORTS), Zainol Ithnin and Farehan Hussein (Founder, QurbanNow SG)

He added, “In addition to this, one of our partners, Mafro Sports, who is also an apparels sponsor of a Ugandan local football team, KCCA FC, will be talent scouting promising youth to join the local club, who will have the opportunity to represent their country in the future.”

The planning and preparation for this charity event began in early June with support and funding from the partners who sponsored items such as jerseys, goalposts, footballs, and transportation costs to Uganda.

The highlight of this event and commemorating the Hari Raya festivities will be a charity lunch and dinner for 500 people in the village.


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