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Mubiru targets new record, cash prize after qualifying for World Record Break Strongman Championship

Ugandan powerlifter Roy Mubiru pulls a Jeep Wrangler during a Strongman competition in the USA held over the weekend.

After qualifying for the World Record Break Strongman Championship set for March, 2023, Uganda’s top powerlifting athlete Roy Mubiru now eyes breaking World Record as well as winning cash.

The US-based World Powerlifting champion and Uganda’s first representative at World Strongman competitions says; “Iam ultimately out for the big cash prize stake of US Dollars One Hundred Thousand staked for winner, and putting up a World Record in my age class.”

Mubiru beat his opponents in the 110 body weight and 50 plus age category, after putting up a competitive edge against them in viking press, super car deadlift, arm truck pulling and Canons wheel walk.

“My best was in car deadlift where I managed to cover 30 meters in less 30 seconds,” said a soundly happy Mubiru.

He added that, his other silver lining came in viking press where he managed to press over 11 times under 60 seconds.

The Massechusett State Championship held in Peaboy MA over the weekend, saw a number of athletes put up their best to qualify for the World Record Championship that will attract over 1500 competitors.

“I only missed doing stone over bar, after experiencing pain in my left arm, but thank God I excellently executed the rest four,” explained Mubiru.

Top cash prize for individual winners at World Record Break Championship is 100,000 USD, second placed competitor takes 50,000 USD while number three will earn 25,000 USD.

He plans to rest for a few weeks as he restores, and embark on his preps for World Championships in October.

Mubiru will also participate in the June Texas, 2023 World Championship after the March World Record Break Championships.

Being the first ever Ugandan at World Strongman Competitions, Mubiru has urged government to lend him a hand by supporting him through his preparations.


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