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Rugby: Uganda Cup to return this November


After over a two-year hiatus caused by Covid-19 disruptions, the Uganda Cup is back marking the continuity of local rugby ever since normalcy was reinstated.

This year’s Uganda Cup will kickoff on November 26th across various venues throughout the country. It will continue on December 3rd, 10th and 17th 2022.

The Uganda Cup is a knock out tournament played annually and for the opening round, much superior teams and away to less superior sides.

The successful teams in the opening round proceed to the next stage (quarter finals) of the main competition while the losing sides will play in the Bowl Competition.

A total of 16 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams will compete this year.

Uganda Cup was last played in 2019 where Kobs won 15-14 against Heathens. Due to the COVID pandemic, the tournament was not played until this year 2022.

UGANDA CUP FIXTURES. (26th November 2022)
2:00pm- Rams vs Warriors (Makerere)
4:00pm- Walukuba Barbarians Vs Rhinos (Jinja)
4:00pm-Mbarara Titans Vs Kobs (Mbarara)
4:00pm-Kyambogo Vs Stanbic Black Pirates (Kyambogo)
4:00pm-Mbale Elephants Vs Plascon Mongers (Mbale)
4:00pm-Stallions Vs Hippos (Kyadondo)
4:00pm-Impis Vs Buffaloes (Makerere)
4:00pm-Boks Vs Heathens (Legends)
4:00pm- Kabale Berg Princesses Vs Thunderbirds (Kabale Stadium)
4:00pm- Avengers Vs Mbale Eagles (Entebbe)
4:00pm-Lira Strikers Vs Ewes (Lira)
4:00pm-Lira Matrix Vs Gulu Sprinters (Lira).

1999- DHL Heathens
2000 – MTN Heathens
2001 – MTN Heathens
2002 – MTN Heathens
2003 – MTN Heathens
2004 – MTN Heathens
2005 – Mango Kobs
2006 – UTL Kobs
2007 – G4S Pirates
2008 – UTL Kobs
2009 -MTN Heathens
2010 – UTL Kobs
2011 -UTL Kobs
2012 – DMark Kobs
2013 – MTN Heathens
2014 – MTN Heathens
2015 – Heathens (No name sponsor)
2016 – Hima Cement Heathens
2017 -Black Pirates
2018 -Betway Kobs
2019 -Betway Kobs.


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