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High expectations as Batball Open is launched in the Nile Region


Batball Uganda Limited in partnership with Uganda Cricket Association is organizing Regional Batball Open Tournaments to recognize talent and supplement the regional infrastructure of Cricket in respective regions with Nile region being the second to benefit from this.

UCA’s support to the tournament is a demonstration of their commitment to sustainable development of cricket in the country.

Batball is desirous of regional participation to maximize value creation, value transfer, impact, and an ardent desire to put The Nile Region on the global Cricket map.

Batball believes that the Nile Region and Cricket go a long way, and with this tournament the region would again come on Global radar with worthy players going for Global Exchange Programs, International and National U-19 tournaments, and Batball Regionals with greater global impact, viewership, and scope.

The Region is very fundamental in the growth of Cricket in the Country having produced talents that have gone on to feature for National Teams.

The Batball Open Nile edition, first of its kind, will run over the weekend of 17th-18th Day of December,2022 with 8 (eight) matches played at the magnificent Jinja SS Cricket Oval. 4 teams constituting top young Cricketing Talent in the region, amidst local crowds as well as TV viewership within Uganda, Africa, and beyond will participate in the event.

The four teams that shall be competing in BATBALL OPEN NILE EDITION are; Empungu, Buutu, Amakubi & Amakoktazi.

The champions of Batball Open Nile edition will progress to the next challenge, where they shall meet respective champions from other regions to compete in a tournament dubbed “BATBALL X”.

Batball Open Nile Edition is intended to create a social impact tagged ‘PREVENTION OF EARLY TEENAGE PREGNANCIES IN BUSOGA’ through various direct and indirect impact activities.

With UCA’s Schools Cricket Week successfully hosted earlier this year, the Batball Open is another opportunity for the Jinja Association of Cricket Club’s (JACC) sound leadership and dynamic team to conclude what has been a phenomena Year.

A Local Organizing Committee, soundly led by dynamic Mr. Isaac Imaka, has been constituted and will be responsible for running the event.

Batball is closely working with local partners to put up a very good and memorable show and we shall announce the partnerships in due course.

Tournament schedule and fixtures
Day one (17th December 2022)
Buutu Vs Empuugu
Amakubi Vs Amakoktazi
Buutu Vs Amakoktazi
Empuugu Vs Amakubi
Buutu Vs Amakubi

Day two (18th December 2022)
Empuugu Vs Amakokotazi
Winner 3 Vs Winner 4 (3rd and 4th playoffs)
Winner 1 Vs Winner 2 (Finals).


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