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Magogo top scorers’ award to encourage attacking football


Scoring goals is a trademark for strikers in any team but the fans get entertained the most when their heroes celebrate after the ball has crossed the goal line.

Such moments are likely to be witnessed more often this season following a new initiative by FUFA Executive Committee Member Dr. Apollo Ahimbisibwe to reward leading goal scorers for teams playing at the Regional level, 4 th and 5 th Division leagues in Kampala.

As a way of motivating strikers to score more goals, Dr. Ahimbisibwe has introduced the ‘Magogo Top Scorer’s Award’ which will come with a cash prize to any player that scores 15 or more goals per season in the third, fourth and fifth division leagues of Kampala Region.

‘We are trying to motivate our strikers to score more goals and on this note, we believe when there is a cash prize, it will motivate them to score more goals. Fans need to see more goals and creativity of how the players score’ noted Dr. Ahimbisibwe.

The award is named after the current FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim who has transformed football in the Country.

‘It will be called Magogo top Scorer’s Award. We believe it will motivate players to score more goals thus getting better strikers’ added Dr. Ahimbisibwe.

Dr. Ahimbisibwe also embarked on a programme to support and give back to the football teams playing under the Kampala Region Football Association that he represents on the FUFA Executive.

Accompanied by the Chairman Kampala Region Kasalirwe Dirisa and his Deputy Nkuggwa, Dr. Ahimbisibwe was welcomed by the Nakawa District Football Association Chairman Lobbo Christopher where he donated to every club two balls each playing in the fourth and fifth division leagues.

Rubaga District Football Association has also benefited from the programme. Close to 100 clubs playing at the DFA Level are set to gain from the programme.

“We are embarking on a program that was initiated in Kampala region to give out balls to all third and fourth division clubs in the entire Kampala Region Football Association. The initiative is to help clubs and we thought it would be nice to start with balls because the game cannot be played without a ball”

Dr. Ahimbisibwe further encouraged the District Football Association Chairmen and the Region’s boss to start looking at and planning for football as a money-generating investment which must be run as a business venture.

“The introduction of FUFA Tv on market should get everyone involved to build a product that will bring the benefits to the game from sponsors, market for players, data analysis and media consumption” noted Apollo.

The same programme of ball distribution will be extended to the other three District Football Associations (Kawempe, Makindye and Central) that make up Kampala Region FA in due course by Dr. Ahimbisibwe.

The list of 4th and 5th division clubs per DFA

Makindye DFA
15 of 4th division
12 of 5th division

Kawempe DFA
16 of 4th division
15 of 5th division

Rubaga DFA
10 of 4th division
7 of 5th division

Central DFA
12 of 4th division
7 of 5th division

Nakawa DFA:
16 of 4 th Division
10 of 5 th Division

*Credit: FUFA media.


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